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4 Brilliant Ways to Generate Sales Leads Like a Pro

As small businesses now spend more than $75,000 a year on digital marketing, it's vital that companies find ways to skirt those costs.

Instead of being overwhelmed by cost, use the tools that you have to generate leads for as little money as possible. With the data that you have, you can generate sales lead that turn into real dollars for your business.

Here are four tactics to explore.

1. Go "Mobile First"

With mobile browsing now miles ahead of desktops and laptops, it's vital that you're taking up space where your customers are going to be. If you're not "mobile first" you're going to be left in the dust, as more and more marketing is done through text, notifications, and apps. You won't be able to integrate with apps if you're not optimized for a device in the first place. New technology changes trends in the market, causing wide-reaching ripple effects across industries.

As more people have mobile devices and smartphones than desktops or laptops, there is no need to design for a desktop audience. Unless you're in a specific niche market, you need to design everything for mobile. Your marketing efforts need to be compatible with iOS and Android systems, with integration built into their notifications.

While you might be focused on email notifications, find out ways to get people to engage on social media and other apps. The more app integration you perform with your business, the more customers you'll reach. Look for changes in virtual assistant technology and smart home devices to change the way you can generate leads.

With searches now starting off as questions, always be asking how your products and services solve the most common questions users have.

2. Find Social Media Leads

In addition to their ability to reach out to audiences and help spread the word about products, services, and promotion, social media offers all kinds of tools. Because of the amount of data that they capture, social media apps offer powerful tools for generating leads and finding your audience.

Lots of third-party sites and tools offer the ability for you to analyze data about the people using those tools. Twitter offers specific tools to help you generate leads. Try out Followerwonk to look at important information about your followers. You'll see when they're online tweeting so that you can post when they're paying attention. Facebook advertising allows you to target very specific audiences with a call to action. You can see what single parents in Toronto think of your product near the holidays or what college students in Ohio think of your new service over summer break.

Instagram and LinkedIn also give you ways to connect with your audience or your followers. Look into every tool that a site offers and leave no stone unturned.

3. Start A Blog

When people search for a product or service online, they're going to use a search engine. They'll also use a search engine when they have a question about products and services in your industry.

When you start a blog, you get the chance to capture both types of searches in your mitt.

Search engines rank sites based on how much content they have and how often their URL is updated with new stuff. With a blog, you'll be constantly updating your URL, giving search engines a good reason to rank you nice and high.

Since people often search in the form of a question, include words like "how", "what", and "why" in your posts. Be the answer that they're looking for with every post.

When you write a post, add a tagline that attracts them back to your website. You need those clicks to lead back to your site and to give you traffic that matters and turns into a lead. To convert those leads, offer great content on a consistent basis and become a reliable source of information in whatever industry you're in. Use lots of images and infographics to get your point across and you'll get shared far and wide across the internet.

4. Don't Forget Email

Email marketing is still a great place to generate leads. When you have someone's email address, you don't necessarily have a lead. You have the tools to create a hot lead but for now, you need to ensure that you treat that information with care to turn it into a lead.

Make sure you start off strong with your subject line. You need to entice your readers and offer value. Address problems you know they're having or time-sensitive matter to ensure that it'll get opened.

Keep your content short and sweet.

If they have to do a lot of scrolling, they're going to be overwhelmed with length and delete your email. Include the information you need in an image or infographic so that it's attractive and easy to understand. Include a call to action button in the email itself. If you can't come up with a call to action button, it means that you don't have a clear message you're trying to hit home with.

An email without a clear message is going to get people searching for the unsubscribe button and abandoning your email list.

Having customer email addresses is volatile if you don't use them correctly.

Generate Sales Leads Like a Pro

When it comes time to generate sales leads, you only need to stay focused and keep offering quality content to ensure that you connect with your audience. If you want to generate quality leads, you only need to show off your best qualities to your audience.

Start with your knowledge of your industry and follow your gut.

To create absolutely killer content, follow our latest guide to success.


Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle

I help small- and medium-size businesses effectively leverage their online presence in order to increase brand awareness, target ideal clients and increase leads and revenue.


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