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I've Got 99 Problems and My Blog Is One

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a blog. From big companies to small businesses to social media influencers it seems like everyone has hopped on the blogging train.

In fact, sometimes it can seem like there are so many blogs out there that yours can get lost in the crowd. It might even seem like it’s not worth it to keep up with it, with there being so many others out there.

Well, I’m here to tell you that despite all of that, blogging is still incredibly important for you and your brand. Your blog can serve so many different purposes and in spite of the fact that there are so many different blogs out there for people to read, there are still some really simple and effective ways that you can make yours stand out.

Why it’s still important?

It’s still important to keep up with your blog even though it may seem like it’s getting lost in the noise of the internet. It serves so many important purposes that really can't be achieved by any other part of your online presence.

One of the most important roles your blogs play is a sort of landing page or “basecamp” for all of the information that you are putting online. The things that you are posting on social media or the information that you are putting in your videos should all lead back to your blog.

You goal is to drive traffic back to your website and the easiest way to do that is by leading them to your blog. As long as it is being consistently updated with new posts and new information, you will have an endless stream of new content to use to drive people back to your website from other areas of the internet.

Additionally, blogging is a great way to get cutting edge and up to date information out there in a long-form format that people are going to want to read. Social media is great for connecting with an audience and getting information out there, but the nature of the networks is such that you can only put out so much information per post.  

By having a blog, you can you can produce longer-form text or multimedia pieces that would be too much for any one social media post but is still best placed in the digital sphere

How to make your blog stand out

There are a few easy steps that you can take to make your blog stand out among the others in your industry.

Know the power of a headline

The first thing that you can change that will make a big impact on your readership is spending a little time workshopping your headline. The headline is the first thing that people will see when they are scrolling through those search results.

If your headline is catchier or more compelling than the ones around it, guess which blog readers are going to click on. Try including some eye catching keywords or interesting information in the headline. Cut right to the chase and let people know exactly what they’re getting when you click on your blog.

Find your voice

Blogs within the same industry will often times have similar information just by virtue of having a similar audience. When that’s the case you can stand out through the tone and voice of your writing.

Was your blog sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek? Was it simple and straightforward? Was it confident and knowledgeable?

People will remember that and will come back to you because of how you presented the information, not necessarily for the information which they may or may not have been able to find elsewhere.

Know what your audience wants to read. Write that.

The very best way to make you blog stand out is to appeal in a specific way to your ideal audience. Being present in the digital sphere means that you need to know your specific audience very well. You need to know the types of things that they are interested in, the types of things that they want to read, and want to learn about.

There are various tools available that allow you to decipher that information and once you have it, use it. The surest way to make sure that people are reading your writing is to make sure that you’re writing what they want to read.


Katie Briante
Katie Briante

Katie is a passionate writer and storyteller. She has written on many of different topics and had since landed on marketing and digital media as her latest passion. Katie seeks to educate, inform and open a dialogue with others who are also interested in these topics.


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