What Is a Click Funnel and Why Do You Desperately Need One?

Posted by Matthew Boyle on January 21, 2019

Do you feel like you're getting the clicks you need?

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Topics: Content Marketing, Leads and Conversion, Inbound Marketing, Strategy

4 Brilliant Ways to Generate Sales Leads Like a Pro

Posted by Matthew Boyle on December 18, 2018

As small businesses now spend more than $75,000 a year on digital marketing, it's vital that companies find ways to skirt those costs.

Instead of being overwhelmed by cost, use the tools that you have to generate leads for as little money as possible. With the data that you have, you can generate sales lead that turn into real dollars for your business.

Here are four tactics to explore.

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Topics: Leads and Conversion

10 Tips to Build a Website That Works Hard for Your Business

Posted by Matthew Boyle on November 26, 2018

Being on the internet is not the same as winning the internet. And given the fact that there are a whopping 1.9 billion websites out there, your business needs to be focused on winning with its online presence in order to cut through the clutter.

So then, what qualities make up a "winning website" that helps your business move towards its goals? What qualities make a site that boosts your brand awareness, drives revenue, and ultimately works hard for your company non-stop?

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Topics: Leads and Conversion, Website Design

What's Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Katie Briante on October 22, 2018

If you work in marketing (or anywhere in the vicinity of marketing) you’ve probably heard the phrase “inbound marketing”. You’ve probably heard how great it is, how important it is to be using inbound best practices and how much it can help to grow your business but what is it?

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Topics: Leads and Conversion

How to Build A Landing Page That Will Convert Sales

Posted by Matthew Boyle on October 15, 2018

Getting landing pages built is one of the top challenges of B2B marketers, but it doesn't have to be. In retrospect, a strong landing page involves knowing who you are speaking to and how to speak to them.

If you're selling multiple products or services it's important to carve out a clear and concise goal for your landing page. Trying to push too many things onto the reader can be confusing and overwhelming.

So the first step is to prioritize what you want to sell and how you want to sell it.

Read on to discover 15 actionable tidbits to hep you create the perfect landing page.

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Topics: Leads and Conversion

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