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What Is a Click Funnel and Why Do You Desperately Need One?

Do you feel like you're getting the clicks you need?

If you don't, you're not alone. Plenty of businesses struggle with turning leads into customers.

It can be a hard task, and it might take some trial and error. But turning your website into a money-making machine doesn't have to be impossible.

But wait - record scratch - what is a click funnel? 

If you don't know, this article is going to break down everything you need to know about a click funnel and why you need one.

Keep reading to learn more!

What Is a Click Funnel?

A click funnel can also be called a sales funnel. In fact, most businesses do call it a sales funnel. 

But if your business is online, chances are it's actually closer to being a click funnel. Most of your interactions with consumers come from Google, social media, and online ads.

In fact, 90 percent of people rely on online reviews before visiting a business. Whether you have reviews or not doesn't matter. 

What matters in that stat is that it shows people are looking for you online. That's where your click funnel comes in to play.

A click funnel is, in essence, that path that people go down before buying something from your business. From lead to loyal customer, marketers can figure out the best way to draw you to making a purchase.

After tracking enough customers, they can put together a map of how best to market to certain demographics. Believe it or not, it's much easier than you think.

The Click Funnel Stages

The click funnel changes for every industry and every business. But, for the most part, many of them look the same. They tend to have a top, middle, and bottom.

The top portion tends to be when people find out about your company and start doing a little more research. Most of this section is marketing. Often, this means they found your site on Google or social media, and they're reading your blogs and other content. These pages tend to have a call to action like "Contact us" or "Get a free quote today" or even "download our eBook." In short, the top part of the funnel moves people to the middle.

The middle portion consists of the actual selling process. Depending on your industry, this may just mean they are looking at your products. For some, this means that they've contacted you on the phone. If someone follows through the middle portion, they have made a purchase! Score! But that's not all. 

They can even go down the funnel more and become loyal customers. One great way you can do this is by signing up customers to a newsletter. This way they'll remember you the next time they need to make a similar purchase.

Now that you know what it is, what advantages are there to the click funnel? Keep reading to find out!

Tells You What to Do

Nobody likes being told what to do, but in the marketing world, figuring out what to do is invaluable. With a click funnel, you can easily make your next marketing strategy.

How does a click funnel help?

If you take the data you get from tracking clicks, you'll be able to see what brings people to your products the quickest. It will also tell you which previous clicks have the best chance of bringing you a sale. 

For example, let's say you realize people who visit a blog post first are more likely to buy something on your site than people who land on your homepage. Which would you rather promote? Blogs or your homepage?

Well, blogs of course! Using this information, you've learned that your marketing team should be focusing on your blog posts. From SEO from social media sharing, you want to make sure people end up reading your blogs.

You could also use this same information to optimize your homepage. If 0 percent of new visitors who land on your homepage are making purchases, chances are something is wrong with that page.  Keep in mind that each click should lead them down the click funnel even more. If one step leads to a direction other than where they're going, you might want to find a way to streamline that page more. 

You've Done It

Alright, this might sound silly, but even you have probably fallen for a click funnel's trap before, without even realizing it! It often seems natural to do so.

Think about it. Chances are that you've probably gone down a click funnel before. Maybe you searched for, "best laptops" on Google. 

You clicked on one site, read a couple blogs about laptops, clicked on sales, put your debit card information in, and then bada bing bada boom, a laptop was at your door a couple days later. Whether you realized it or not, you went down a click funnel. If it worked for you, why wouldn't it work for other people?

It's Automatic

One of the biggest benefits to the click funnel is that you tend not to have to do anything throughout. Once you set it up, anyone can come to your site and go through it.

This helps you turn leads into customers without you even being aware of it. 

On the other side of this, leads appreciate the ability to go through a funnel when they want to go through it. They don't feel like there's an annoying salesperson chasing them down.

Instead, you create a more organic sales approach that lets people feel like people. And the best part is, you don't have to do anything except monitor it. 

Ready to Get Started?

After reading this article, you shouldn't have to ask the question, "What is a click funnel?" anymore. If you do... just read this article again.

Still feel like you're not getting the clicks you deserve? Check out our digital marketing services page to learn more about what we can do for you. 


Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle

I help small- and medium-size businesses effectively leverage their online presence in order to increase brand awareness, target ideal clients and increase leads and revenue.


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